Miosta Group® has received Halal certification.


We are pleased to announce that the World Halal Trust has issued a «Halal» certificate for the Miosta Group® product - the veterinary drug Miosta H®.

Miosta H® is a high-quality environmentally friendly product that does not contain harmful substances and GMOs. Miosta Group® production site has successfully passed strict environmental and safety audits.

The veterinary drug Miosta H® and its components with the technological process of its production comply with the required norms and rules of the Halal standard.

Certificate number: MO-05-17-34UZ
UIN number: MO9349932514
Standard: OIC-SMIIC-1:2019

Events and news

17 May 2024

Miosta Group® has received Halal certification.

1 May 2024

Miosta Group® company launches production in Uzbekistan!

2 February 2024

Miosta Group® received a registration certificate for localization of production