This is a young but rapidly growing company that was created in 2020. Bringing our innovative products to the global market helps the company contribute to finding solutions to some of the major livestock problems faced worldwide.

Our activities

  • The company continues to actively develop new drug formulas

  • The company has developed a revolutionary formula for the drugs Miosta H® and Miosta S® for the treatment of dystrophy in animals

  • The company cooperates with distributors in the CIS and Southeast Asia

  • The company sells veterinary drugs

Main strategies

Digitalization and optimization of the company’s operational processes

Expanding the company's presence in the global market

Conducting cutting-edge research in the field of veterinary pharmaceuticals

Expansion of the company's product line

Creation of a training base for advanced training of veterinarians

Events and news

1 May 2024

Miosta Group® company launches production in Uzbekistan!

2 February 2024

Miosta Group® received a registration certificate for localization of production

17 January 2024

Launch of Miosta Group® telegram bot