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The confidentiality of your personal information is important to Miosta Group®. To better protect your privacy, we provide the general terms of our privacy policy to demonstrate our commitment to you and your privacy. The provisions describe what information we may collect about you; how we use it; how we protect; and what alternatives you have regarding how this information will be used by us. At Miosta Group®, we understand that your personal information should not be shared with third parties. This is a sensitive issue and we strive to ensure that you feel as comfortable as possible when accessing our various websites and using our services.


Because our privacy policy changes significantly, we will make every effort to alert you to these changes. It may undergo minor changes that will not affect our use of personally identifiable information or health information about you. If the Privacy Policy changes in a material way that affects how we store personal information, the changes will not apply to previously collected information unless we notify you or, if necessary, obtain your consent. As soon as we make changes to our privacy policy, we will post this notice on our websites.


Our privacy policy consists of the following sections. We hope that after reading them you will understand how we manage information that is relevant to you. To quickly jump to the section you need, click on the corresponding heading.


Personal information we collect

Use of your information

How Miosta Group® ensures confidentiality

Privacy Settings

Updating your personal information and contacting Miosta Group®

Protecting Children’s Personal Information


When we refer to ourselves as “we” or “Miosta Group®”, we mean our entire company, including any company under our control (for example, our affiliate). We may share information between companies that we own or operate, and we may share information with our co-promotion partners and companies working with the Miosta Group®. But all information received during the exchange process will always be protected in accordance with these privacy policy provisions.


Once you leave one of our sites, you should read the privacy policy of each site you visit. Miosta Group® is not responsible for how other websites manage your information after you leave the Miosta Group® site.


Personal information we collect


Information we receive from our visitors


Visitors to each of our websites can access the website’s home page and search for areas of the website they want without revealing any personally identifiable information about you. We do track information that our browser provides to us, including what site you came from to our site (known as the referring URL), the type of browser you use, the time and date of access, and other information that does not identify a specific individual. Some of our sites require you to register to access certain areas.


In addition, we collect information about you such as your IP address and domain name, which is automatically stored by our web server. Miosta Group® may use web server and browser information to tailor different offers and presentations to suit a customer’s individual needs if they provide their personal information.


Information we receive when you register on the site


When registering on our websites, visitors are required to provide personally identifiable information: last name, first name and contact information. On the registration form that the user sees on the screen, we clearly indicate what information is required for registration, and what information is optional and is indicated only at your request. Miosta Group® websites obtain visitor consent before collecting personal information.


Information from external sources


We may also collect information about doctors, veterinarians or other professionals who register on our websites from other sources to determine their identity and whether they are licensed to practice medicine or veterinary medicine.


From time to time, we may extend our customer database with information that we obtain legally from third parties. It is possible that some of this data may be personally identifiable, such as information from the National Change of Address System. We do this to make our information offerings and promotions more relevant to our customers, and to tailor offers that we think may be of interest to you.


Other information


We also collect information that you voluntarily provide to us through responses to questions, search functions, lists of questions, feedback, customer completion of “tell your story” forms, etc.

We may also ask you to provide additional information, such as your email address, if you wish to receive additional services or information or resolve issues related to your complaints or concerns.


Cookies and other tracking systems


Cookies, logs and pixel tags (web beacons) are technologies used by Miosta Group® websites to recognize a user as they navigate our websites. Your browser allows us to place certain information (session-based identification and/or persistent cookies) on the hard drive of the computer you use. We may use cookies to customize our website to suit your needs and to track your use of other Miosta Group® websites.


Your web browser may have settings that allow you to control whether you accept or reject cookies, or to alert you each time cookies are sent to you. If your browser is set to reject cookies, sites that use them will not recognize you when you return to the site, and some may lose functionality entirely. See the Help section of your browser for information on how to set it to reject cookies.


In some cases, we use a third party to place identification files on your computer’s hard drive. These third parties have entered into agreements with us that require them to comply with our privacy policies.


Although cookies do not typically contain personally identifiable information, if you provide us with your information, we may combine the information you provide upon registration with cookies or other tracking tools that our website places on your hard drive. computer. Combining cookies with your registration data allows us to offer ever greater functionality and ensure that we meet individual customer needs. Without identity files this would not be possible.


Some of our business partners may use cookies on our sites (for example, links to business partners). We do not want our business partners to use cookies to track our customers’ activity after customers leave our sites. However, we cannot completely control how business partners use cookies on our websites. If you are aware that a Miosta Group® business partner is placing unwanted cookies on your hard drive, please contact our Chief Privacy Officer to assist us in resolving the issue.


In addition, we may use other tracking systems such as pixel tags. Pixel tags, sometimes called web beacons, are similar in functionality to cookies. But due to their small size they are invisible; although used to transmit certain information to our servers in order to tailor our websites to your individual requirements and to track your movement throughout the Miosta Group® websites. We can also use pixel tags in our HTML based emails.


How we use information


Summary data


To develop our products and improve our services, we collect aggregate data about visitors to our sites. We also use them to analyze consumer demand. We may provide data from our websites to third parties in aggregate form after removing personally identifiable information from them. This information is combined from multiple records of different individuals and is cleared of any data that could be used to identify a specific individual. Any third party receiving aggregated health care data may not attempt to identify the specific individuals to whom it belongs.


Product Distribution – Health Care Information


We may advertise our products or send you livestock health information messages based on the information we know about you. For example, a user we know is female may receive information relevant to women that a male user would not see, or if we know the user is a medical professional specializing in some pathology, he may obtain information about new methods of treating this pathology. We send you information if we think you may find it useful, including information about any Miosta Group® product (see Privacy Settings).


We can also customize our website to suit your interests. For example, on our site, you may see different articles in different places depending on information you have provided to us, or information we have obtained from reviewing your previous visits, or your relationship with the third party that provided that information to us.


If we share information with a third party working on behalf of Miosta Group®, we make every effort to ensure that they agree in writing to abide by Miosta Group®‘s privacy policy.


If we become aware that a third party working on behalf of Miosta Group® is inappropriately disclosing personal information about any of our visitors, we will take immediate action to prevent such occurrences in the future.


Except as stated above, Miosta Group® will not disclose your personal information to third parties without your permission.


“Tell a Friend”


If you use our “tell a friend” about our site feature, our site will ask you for your friend’s name and mailing address and the same information. Your friend will then be automatically sent a one-time use email inviting them to visit our site. We do not have access to this information and do not store it, we only send invitations using it.


Data protection


How Miosta Group® ensures confidentiality


Our responsible attitude to safety


We have taken all necessary physical, electronic and organizational measures to protect and prevent unauthorized access to the information we receive online, to ensure its security and correct use.


General provisions


We have implemented technology and Privacy Policies, rules and various measures to protect personal information, which we protect from unauthorized access, misuse, unlawful or accidental destruction and accidental loss. We also protect your information by requiring all of our employees and others who have access to or process your information to respect your privacy.


Miosta Group®” uses confidentiality methods to determine the identity of each registered user, with the possibility of applying the necessary rights and restrictions to him. Reliably verifying a user’s identity is called authentication. To identify users, Miosta Group® uses their passwords and names. Users are responsible for storing their passwords.


Third parties


In addition to aggregate data (discussed above), we may provide certain information to third parties as described below.


Companies and individuals who work for us: Because we are a large company, we contract with other companies and individuals to help provide services. For example, we may host some of our websites on another company’s computers, hire technical consultants to support our medical websites, or work with companies to extract repetitive information from customer lists, analyze data, provide marketing assistance and provide customer services. In addition, if you are a veterinary medical professional, we may verify your veterinary medical license or other information against current databases that list licensed veterinary medical professionals. To perform their jobs, these third-party companies may have limited access to certain personal information we maintain about our customers. Other companies may collect information on our behalf from their websites. Sometimes this includes using frames on the site that do not show the URL you are visiting in the browser window. We require such companies to agree to the terms of our privacy policy. We therefore keep their access to any personal information to the minimum necessary to perform their responsibilities and ensure that they do not use information they may have access to for purposes inconsistent with their responsibilities. We strive to limit other companies’ use of personally identifiable or personal health information.


Promotional and Informational Offers: We sometimes send special offers to selected customer groups. For this purpose, we may engage third parties to act on our behalf. We offer several ways in which you can opt out of receiving such promotional communications. For example, we install a window warning client about overpayments for mailings from a third party, a specialist company, and notify that by agreeing to this, you are providing your information to third parties. You may opt out of receiving our promotional or informational material by following the opt-out instructions listed or included in each attachment we send to you.


Transfer of Business Control: If we transfer a business unit (such as a branch) or an asset (such as a website) to another company, we require that company to comply with the terms of our privacy policy.


Legal Requirements: We may share your page information or other personal information if we believe it is required by law. We may disclose personal health information if, in the sole discretion of jurisdictional authorities, disclosure is required by law or applicable regulations, or if necessary, to prevent death or serious injury to a person.


Privacy Settings


When you complete the registration form, you may agree to receive periodic informational/promotional emails from Miosta Group® and third parties. You may opt out of receiving these emails by notifying us that you wish to do so or by following the instructions provided in the email or included in each attachment we send to you.


Customer Service will cancel your subscription to receive news or other applications within ten business days.




You will be given the opportunity to choose whether you want your personal information: (a) disclosed to third parties working with Miosta Group®, (b) used for another purpose. In addition, when it concerns sensitive information, such as health information, the program will ask you to confirm your permission.





Transfer of data (transfer to third parties)


We will ask your permission and warn you when your personal or sensitive information is shared by us with a third party.


Updating your personal information and contacting Miosta Group®.


You can always contact us to (i) remove the personal information you have provided to us from our systems, (ii) update the personal information you have provided, and (iii) change your marketing communications preferences by emailing us at privacy@miostagroup.com or, if possible, go to your page and update your information.


Protecting Children’s Personal Information


We encourage you to protect children’s privacy. We do not collect personally identifiable information from children under 13 years of age.


Miosta Group®“. Privacy Policy Renewed December 2023