Research with the Samarkand Veterinary Institute

The Miosta Group® company conducted joint research


Mossa Group® conducted joint research with a leading veterinary institute located in Samarkand. This institute has the best professors in its composition, who put a lot of soul into research activities, as well as train the best personnel for the livestock sector of Uzbekistan.

The study analyzed the results of studies on the use of the protein-amino acid preparation Miosta H ® in productive cows on morphobiochemical blood parameters in cattle, the effect on milk productivity and reproductive functions in cows. The study showed that the administration of Miosta H ® to cows has a positive effect on the physiological state of the animal after repeated administration compared with cows of the control group: improvement of the metabolism of the body of cattle, normalization of morphological and biochemical parameters of blood, improvement of appetite in cows, increase in body weight, increase in the amount of milk produced and the level of fatness of the body. Improvement of natural resistance, positive changes in the regeneration of bone, tendon and ankle tissues. By the end of the experiments, an average increase in red blood cells in the blood was noted from 4636 to 6512 ·1012 / l, hemoglobin from 74 to 96.5, and an increase of 22.5.

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1 May 2024

Miosta Group® company launches production in Uzbekistan!

2 February 2024

Miosta Group® received a registration certificate for localization of production

17 January 2024

Launch of Miosta Group® telegram bot